If the adventurer in you is stirred by mention of  Cape Horn, the Beagle Channel, the Drake Passage,  Deception Island, Pendulum Cove and Whalers Bay, and if your senses are moved when all around are glaciers, icebergs, fjords and waterfalls,  and if the naturalist in you feels a tingle down the spine at the sight of whales, penguins, seals, albatross, petrels and gulls, then the Antarctic is your environment and you simply must find a way of getting there.


For those with a desire to quite literally travel to the ends of the earth, there remain two destinations that simply have to be explored.  The Arctic in the North and its southern hemisphere counterpart – the Antarctic.  Every year a small number of yachts head south to the bottom of the world and some will be available for charter.   And of those, Indigo Bay has carefully chosen a select few whom we trust in this frozen wilderness and with whom we are proud to work.  These range from luxury super-yachts to purpose built explorer boats and smaller sailing yachts.  But all have one thing in common – the experience  and exemplary safety record to ensure that no unnecessary risks are taken when cruising in this extra-ordinary and unforgiving environment.  It’s not for everyone but if it’s for you, you will know.




We are currently updating details of those yachts making the trip to Antarctica in winter 2023/24 but for any immediate enquiries, please call the office on + 44 (0) 23 8081 3909 or get in touch using the form below and we can send details of specific yachts together with possible itineraries.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Sailing through Patagonia and the Antarctic is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, offering breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and unique experiences. Keep in mind that sailing in these regions requires careful planning and consideration of weather conditions.

An itinerary might look like this

Day 1: Arrival in Ushuaia, Argentina

  • Arrive in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world.
  • Check into your accommodation and take some time to explore the city.
  • Meet with your yacht crew and attend a safety briefing.

Day 2: Ushuaia to Beagle Channel

  • Depart from Ushuaia and set sail into the famous Beagle Channel.
  • Marvel at the stunning scenery of snow-capped mountains and coastal cliffs.
  • Keep an eye out for diverse marine wildlife like seals, sea lions, and penguins.

Day 3: Beagle Channel to Cape Horn

  • Continue sailing through the Beagle Channel, making your way towards Cape Horn.
  • Cape Horn is the southernmost tip of South America and a historically significant landmark for sailors.
  • Depending on weather conditions, attempt to land on Cape Horn and explore its wild beauty.

Day 4-6: Drake Passage

  • Head south across the Drake Passage towards Antarctica.
  • Be prepared for rough seas as you cross the Antarctic Convergence, where cold waters from Antarctica meet warmer waters.
  • While sailing, enjoy onboard lectures and presentations on Antarctic wildlife and history.

Day 7-11: Antarctic Peninsula

  • Arrive at the Antarctic Peninsula, the northernmost part of the Antarctic continent.
  • Explore various bays, coves, and islands, each offering unique wildlife and stunning vistas.
  • Make shore landings to encounter penguin colonies, seals, and possibly whales.
  • Take part in activities like kayaking and guided hikes, and if weather permits, camp overnight on the continent.

Day 12-15: South Shetland Islands and Return

  • Sail through the South Shetland Islands, a group of islands rich in wildlife and historical sites.
  • Visit research stations and learn about the ongoing scientific efforts in this remote region.
  • Begin your journey back to Ushuaia, retracing your route across the Drake Passage.

Day 16: Return to Ushuaia

  • Arrive back in Ushuaia and disembark from the yacht.
  • Take some time to rest and explore any remaining sites in Ushuaia.
  • Consider participating in other adventure activities, such as hiking in Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Please note that this itinerary is subject to change based on weather conditions and wildlife sightings. Sailing in these remote regions requires experienced crew and vessels that adhere to strict environmental regulations. Indigo Bay Yacht Charters will only recommend suitable yachts with experience in polar expeditions.



Whilst there are some ‘must see’ places and ‘must do’ experiences, everyone will have their own idea of the ideal itinerary.  Let us know what type of activities you enjoy, the food you like to eat, and the types of places you like to visit, and we can work together to come up with YOUR perfect and personalised itinerary.

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